Useful Links

Barn Sheets For Recording Dairy Comp Information
Now you have a convenient spot to print of additional Barn Sheets if you need them

Product List for Most Common Items
This will open up a list of the most common items that people purchase and give you an idea of products that are available

Understanding Dairy Markets
Dr. Brian Gould’s website for everything dairy – LGM, MILC and other great stuff
Jim Quigley’s website – Everything you wanted to know about raising calves
Get the latest news on the dairy industry from Dairy Herd Management, sign up for their weekly e-mail news feed
Hoard’s Dairyman online – Markets, News and more
Sam Leadley’s monthly Calving Ease newsletter – great practical information about raising calves

NASS – Publications – Current Crop Progess and Condition Reports
Crop Condition Reports for Wisconsin – updated weekly from mid-March to mid-December

Food Animal Production Medicine
UW-College of Veterinary Medicine Production Medicine – Access to The Dairyland Initiative

Composting Information Websites

Class III Milk
Class 3 Futures Market – updated every 10 minutes