Month/Year                            Topics List
March 2016                            Automatic Calf Feeders, Proper Drug Usage, MyAnimalRx

February 2016                        Heifer Preg Rates, OnLine Store

January 2016                         Goal Setting, VFD’s, Credit Cards

December 2015                     Online Store Information

November 2015                     Tail Docking, Pregnancy and Heat Detection Rates

October 2015                         First Test SCC, National Bulk Tank Milk SCC

September 2015                    Fat is Back, Bad Holstein Gene

August 2015                           Culturing Mastitis, Conception Rates

July 2015                                FDA Milk Survey Take 2, MPP sign up

June 2015                              Cool Dry Cows, SPVC History

May 2015                               Still Births, 60th Anniversary

April 2015                               FDA Milk Survey, Manure Issues

March 2015                            MPP Numbers, Culling, Residues

February 2015                       Heifer Repro, Polyflex Dosage

January 2015                         Milk Prices, What in the World is Going On?