Month/Year                            Topics List
December 2018                    TB Update, Cost of Tariffs to Dairy

November 2018                    TB in Dane County, Cost of Subclinical Ketosis

October 2018                        Cost of Lameness, Tariff Relief Program

September 2018                    Dairy Revenue Protection, Heat Stress Lasts a Long Time

August 2018                          Dr. John Marks Obituary, 2018 Conception Rates

July 2018                               Trade Wars, Wisconsin Cow Numbers over the Years

June 2018                             Dairy’s Impact on the Economy, 2017 SCC’s

May 2018                              Stillbirths 2018, MPP Looks Profitable

April 2018                              Invisible Fencing for Cows, Dairy Numbers 2017

March 2018                           Transdermal Banamine, MPP Changes

February 2018                       Caffeine for Calves, Heifer Breeding

January 2018                        Colostrum in Winter, Dairy Apps

December 2017                    InForce In Adult Cows, Non-cycling Cows

November 2017                    Pregnancy Rates, Dairy Checkoff

October 2017                        Calf Electrolytes, Milk Margin Protection Program

September 2017                   Six Profitability Factors, Cost of Old Heifers

August 2017                         Tetracycline Testing, 2017 Conception Rates

July 2017                               Milk Production, Prevent Heat Stress in Calves

June 2017                             Dead Stock, Dairying in 50 Years

May 2017                              Grassland and Canadian Milk, Stillbirths 2017

April 2017                              New Johnes Test, 2016 Dairy Numbers

March 2017                           Livability Trait, Food Stamp Spending

February 2017                      Heifer Breeding 2016

January 2017                        Aureo 700 and Dairy Heifers, Neo-Terra in Milk Replacer